i got back into the big apple monday night, and while i was fairly relieved to escape the surreality of LA, i’ve been more sensitive to the misanthropy of new yorkers. they’re all haters! (joyce, perhaps you should get your ass back to the right coast.) all the anger makes me, well, angry.

spent my last day (sunday) in LA visiting the getty and lazing about. finally had my requisite in-n-out burger (a double-double, animal style) and chocolate milk shake. and they were goooooood. sorry, no pictures of my meal; i shoveled that shit down. however, other assorted photographs will be posted whenever the mood strikes me or laziness fails to prevail. hopefully that will be soon. joyce and i watched “goonies” and fell in love with data all over again. weirdly enough, this dvd had this special cast commentary — sean astin, the data guy, corey feldman-haim, josh brolin, martha plimpton, etc. recalling on-the-set stories and other amusing (and not so amusing) tidbits about the film. while initially interesting, this feature really takes a dive after about five minutes of viewing. one thing’s for certain, though: corey feldman is a dickhead.

there’s a new kid at the chocolate factory. christophe is from switzerland and spent the last year in milano doing pastry and gelati at a gastronomia there. it amazes me to meet people that just up and move far, far away from home, knowing not a soul, not a pebble of their new country of residence. the kid (i say “kid,” but he’s three years older than me and oh, twice as tall) has never been to the US and really doesn’t know anything at all about new york (aside from what the movies taught him, assumedly). i feel bad for him, so i figure i can try to show him around some. tonight, hidemi, her boyfriend william, and christophe met up with tim and me at otto, where we had a wild and crazy night of mis/non-communication and mediocre food and service. fortunately, tim and i had prepped for the night at ‘inoteca, lower east side sister to our beloved ‘ino in west village. squid, borlotti beans, celery and fennel salad; beet, orange, mint, and parm salad; truffled egg toast with bottarga; and some panino that i can’t remember. i think it was the sweet coppa and hot pepper one. at otto: testa (i think this is headcheese or some salumi equivalent), arancine, pea and prosciutto bruschetta, and some caramel coppetta concoction for dolci. and plenty of wine. time for some shut-eye, so i can get my ass to the chocolate factory again at 8:30am. woo hoo.


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