this weekend andy and i spent a lot of time together. first off, pride was really pathetic. the parade was pretty half-assed; they didn’t have any of the school groups (which might have been b/c pride was about a week later than usual), a lot of the major nightclubs didn’t even bother participating, nor did other groups that are usu. there, inc. the policemen, firemen, etc. andy pointed out that maybe this is just a reflection of the fact that we don’t need parades anymore b/c being gay is so much more accepted now than it used to be. we talked about how we could make it better, and among our ideas was to get tricycle man to lead the parade. he’d be awesome!!! WHOOOOOO WHOOOOO WHOOOOOOOO …

in food news: went to the metropolis cafe last night. andy got a simple salad and the veal scallopini, which he said was pretty good. it came w/ this vegetable gratin which is what i had. i’d get it again. it had potatoes, leeks, and cauliflower w/ asiago cheese on top. very filling, and nicely done, not heavy. i also had a terrine which came with a salad. the terrine was mostly artichoke, goat cheese, and spinach. it was good, but i didn’t find it to be particularly noteworthy. the wait for our food was -really- long, but it must have just been the time we were there (prob. got there around 7 on a sat.) b/c the people who came after us seemed to get their food pretty quick. there was this guy next to us who was really loud and near the end of our evening sort of butted into our conversation. winnie, put this down on andy and my list of restaurant pet peeves: just b/c we’re sitting at the bar and you’re by yourself does not mean it’s acceptable for you to intrude in our private conversation. esp. if you’re loud and annoying.

andy and i also went to dok bua for lunch today. this was the third time we’ve been there, and it’s prob. my fav place in boston right now to eat. i had the red curry w/ tofu and andy had the pad kee mow. both of our dishes came w/ two appetizers. the main dish was about 1/3 the size of a dinner portion, but in total it was a nice amount, for anly $6. ridiculously cheap. the thing about this place is that the food usually isn’t incredibly different than stuff you might get elsewhere in terms of how they put it together, but the end result is -good-. i don’t know what little things they do differently, but their food is definitely better than any other thai place around. for dessert they gave us this funny gloopy, gelatinous thing that had bits of corn and chewy bubbles that tasted like sweet rice. no idea what the heck it was, but geez, asian desserts are definitely not asian food’s strong point.

i’ve been really into supporting local merchants lately. there’s this toy store on harvard ave that’s really old-fashioned and i don’t really feel like i necessarily need to go there that often, but i love the fact that it’s there.


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