as i was saying.
right, so we got bored with camden market fairly quickly and took the circle line to blackfriars and walked across the bridge to the tate. it was much better than i remembered (unsurprising, considering that last time, we had 30 minutes until closing time and we had to sprint through all the exhibits). all the usual suspects were up and around (de kooning, pollack, johns, ernst, magritte…), but the most memorable room housed a bunch of bruce nauman’s stuff. (see pictures.)

this makes the top 5 all-time best places to get lunch in manhattan.
where the hell have i been? while i’ve been told over and over how amazing sullivan street bakery is, i only just got around to checking it out for myself yesterday. linda and i grabbed some slices (about $2.25 each and quite generous) of their tasty pizzas and claimed a bench outside in the sunshine. this shit is gooooood. amazing crust: i think they’re focaccia-based. i would go here over lombardi’s or grimaldi’s any day (though granted, they aren’t exactly comparable places). i also saw a ton of crostate and other delcious-looking pastries and savory items in the glass case.

the potato pizza. a really marvelous combination of creamy, perfectly cooked tuber inside, while the stuff on top is nicely crisped with a lovely roasted flavor.

the radicchio slice. i managed to stuff my slice in my face before i remembered to take a picture, so this is the piece linda’s taking home for dinner. again, really fucking good.

and fortuitously, we discovered that the yoghurt place II is next door to SSB. they make their own strained greek-style yogurt from whole milk (there’s a low-fat version for the weak). i can’t fathom how the american public can stand the insipid, cloyingly sweet crap that’s mass-marketed to us when the real stuff is infinitely better. YPII definitely takes total (the usual greek yogurt i get from the store) to the next level. the nice lady at the counter even makes a lovely topping from figs, apricot, and honey to accompany the yogurt. they also have a huge spread of greek pastries and meat pies.


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