ah, the master at work.

the culinary wasteland that is the 10 block-radius surrounding the food network is redeemed by two things, and two things only: wondee siam (thank you, anita) and ruby et violette. beef salad, pad kee mao, and the bestest damn cookies you ever wrapped your lips around.

go connie! she got the internship at nike. as tim says, “at least one of the yangs is gainfully employed.” bah.

something that’ll especially amuse joyce and tim. and probably my sister:
so today, i was sticking post-its all over a san francisco map for the associate producer of the batali show i’m doing research for. and every time i moved my head in a particular direction (it seemed downward), i caught a nasty whiff of something. and i kept trying to figure out what it was, if it were me or if there was some dead rat under my desk. it smelled like serious ass. i actually smelled fine, so i blamed it on the assoc. producer. after i finished the map, i took off running for the bathroom to escape the godawful stench. but in the bathroom, i still smelled it, so it had to be me! slightly weirded out and completely unable to determine the noisome source, i gave up. while washing my hands, i glanced in the mirror and saw some crumb-like thing adhered to my chin. dude, THAT’S what smelled so bad. i’m not sure what it was, but it’s gone now. i mean, it stunk like the stinkiest piece of poo ever — but it looked a pale breadcrumb. i don’t even want to know.


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