first off: it’s been a year today since andy and i met … !!!! happy anniversary, bootsie xx πŸ˜‰

latest eating adventures: on saturday andy and i and a host of andy’s friends went to blu, which winnie and andy (and the people we went with) think highly of. andy was disappointed this time, though. here’s the rundown on what i got:

cocktail: peach, champagne, and vodka. forget what it was called. fine.
appetizer: onion tatine with goat cheese on top, came with frisee and some light slices of tomato. the onion was caramelized and a little gooey, but not too mushy. pretty good, actually.
entree: potato gnocchi … light red sauce with asparagus and a sweet goat cheese in a bready half shell. ended up being rather bland and boring.
dessert: apple/pistachio cake-y thing. pretty good.

all in all i thought it was pretty good, but i wasn’t bowled over by it, esp for the price. in comparison, i enjoyed my semi-recent trip to hammersley’s more, where i got this really strong, garlicky mushroom “sandwich” (although it was super oily) and andy got this beet/goat cheese tart that was nicely done. at blu andy said that this time around his steak was “only about 55% of where it needed to be”. one of the people we were with who also got the steak agreed. patty got the rainbow trout, which was the special, and which came with two sauces and which she though was quite good. one of the other people we went with got the three “fish” entree, which was calamari, a fish, and scallops in three different sauces, and she liked it.

yesterday andy and i went to the jae’s on columbus, me for the first time. it was about what i expected. andy got sushi, but i got the “korean” black bean sauce with buckwheat noodles. needless to say the food was about as korean (or asian for that matter) as the cheesecake factory. i think in general though i prefer cheap and greasy chinese food to any americanized asian food, although the mee krob at sonsie has been the best american asian food i’ve had, in recent memory anyway. the other noteworthy event at jae’s: andy ordered coffee after dinner and got the cheesecake which was labelled as being pumpkin cheesecake. our server completely neglected to tell him that the cheesecake was not going to be pumpkin, it was actually coffee cheesecake. andy prob wouldn’t have gotten coffee and coffee cheesecake, and our server didn’t apologize for his oversight. bastard.

lastly, andy and i went to rouge for brunch the weekend before last, which is a few doors down from the jae’s on columbus. apparently this is owned by the same guy as tremont 647 (which is low on my list of destinations mostly b/c of outright bad service), but with a more “creole” sort of slant. anyway, we just went for brunch. andy got eggs and bacon and i got the beignets (a little doughy and thus heavy, but not bad) and we both got the sweet potato fries (3 thick wedges of sweet potato w/ a really powerful mustard). i thought it was all right, but andy was more approving, pointing out that a lot of places can’t even get eggs and bacon right. we plan on going back for dinner sometime. we checked the dinner menu on our way to jae’s, and apparently they have a vegetarian entree every night. hmm. more to come prob sooner than later.

oh, one more thing. went to casablanca in h square, i think around brattle st, the weekend before last. pretty good, although again it didn’t bowl me over. i liked it, though. our waiter was obliging, although our hostess was a bitchy snake with bad posture.

geez, i hope winnie appreciates my lengthy report πŸ˜‰


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