musically delicious:
so the pinback show on sunday was disappointing only in that the opener we saw, engine down, sucked a left nut (not mine, you see, as i don’t have any). we managed to score a spot in front quite easily, only to be all-out assaulted by the amps at the very front of the stage, right next to our heads. the lead singer/guitarist’s amp, in particular. and he had a really boring non-melodic line. so basically, i was watching these [very good-looking] guys mouth words (and, from what i could tell, mouthing them loudly) and all i could hear were brief sequences of plucked notes. i could definitely feel vibrations though. it’s a good thing i don’t have heart problems. plugging one ear with my index finger helped somewhat and was a vast improvement on actually hearing the band as, i suppose, one is intended to. that is, ryan couldn’t take it any more either, so we headed to the rear of the bowery ballroom, where we could grimace to the now audible, godawful yowling and yelping, feeling slightly less violated by the music (if one could call it that). it’s funny (but completely obvious) how one’s vantage point alters one’s perception of a show. in the rear, there was a total absence of guitars, but all vocals and bass. the other disappointing thing was that, after all that, ryan didn’t even like pinback. i thought they were great. they played three new ones, as well as all the old favorites, including “loro,” “tripoli,” and “penelope.”

this morning, i got to go to another met dress rehearsal: strauss’ “ariadne auf naxos.” incredible. the cast was fantastic — especially that showstopper, zerbinetta. the moshinsky production was just awe-inspiring, with all the lighting trickery and the wood nymphs’ gorgeous ten-foot dresses. levine was back, and the music was wonderful. it’s an amusing opera, with quite a nutty little story-within-a-story framing concept. i tried to sneak some shots of the stage, but was too chickenshit to really get anything good. here’s the ceiling though:

i started an herb garden again a few weeks ago, and this time, i think i know how to keep from killing them. i think it’ll help that my planters are far away from bexley (where last year, some bastard uprooted my sage and rosemary and left me an empty beercan). they’re sprouting. hard to see, i know, but i’ll help you out:


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