fwc: got takeout last night from bangkok blue, a thai place on boylston across from the bpl. they have this spicy tofu dish there that i quite like, although it has quite a few things i gen don’t like, inc. bamboo shoots, cashews, and baby corn. but in this dish i like it all. so far this place is at the top of my fav thai places, more out of default than anything else. need to try more outside of my 1 mile radius. not sure how authentic it is, but a thai guy i knew said he thought pad thai on boylston was the most authentic. i think that place is pretty good, but it’s rather fast foody.

speaking of thai places, i have a tendency to revisit places i didn’t like before to give them a second chance, but when i go i’m usu reminded of why i didn’t like them in the first place. case in point, thai dish on newbury close to deluca’s. i mean, there’s nothing extraordinarily bad about it, but it’s quite mediocre. they have these fried rice dumplings there, though, that are pretty good that i’ve never had in any other thai place. not really worth going out of your way to get, though.

hmm — asian food is going to be the recurring theme. i think i need to hunt down some good veggie restaurants in boston. are there any? to be continued …


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