my current obsession:
green apple twists from sahadi’s. (just ask my sister how good they are.)

the chicken soup turned out well (but soup is nearly impossible for even me to screw up — and is perhaps ideal because it requires no specific instruction). my roommates and i managed to finish it off the large pot in about twenty-four hours (admittedly, much of that was my work). half a chicken still remains, along with a mess of assorted giblets that i should find some use for soon. maybe i’ll pan-fry the thigh and leg mom-style, with lots of garlic and black pepper. hm. or batter it up and fry it and roll out some biscuits (which i’ve also been obsessing about lately). or maybe some cornbread a la yankee (none of that crumbly, dry southern kind for me). i’ve also got two pounds of shortribs from my los paisanos trip that are clamoring for the anise-rice wine-ginger-braise treatment. yeah, all the way from the meat drawer of my fridge — i can hear it. maybe this time i’ll saute some mustard greens or broccoli rabe to accompany the ribs. a little sticky rice too. or maybe just braised in red wine with some creamy polenta and tim’s yummy bitter greens.

first day of italian class. i’m actually pretty pleased with what they’re offering. the class is populated by mostly middle-aged upper east-side types. their earnestness is amusing. i definitely feel very _not_ white. there are two other younger students, but both probably have a good six to ten years on me. the guy seems like the usual liberal-arts-school-year-backpacking-in-europe-lawyer-banker-trustfunder and might very well get on my nerves before tomorrow’s class is out. i think, because he’s the only uomo giovane in a class of old biddies, he feels especially obligated to answer everyone’s question (whether he actually hears the question out first or not) and to answer la insgenante’s questions cleverly (at least in his mind, anyway). the girl, who looks remarkably like courtney cox-arquette, is irritatingly bubbly and has trouble keeping her spanish out of the very little italian we learned today. (harsh, i know, especially if you consider that i let a “oui” slip out. i still am not liking either of those two.) per piacere.

other current obsessions:
nicholson baker.
pedro the lion’s “april 6, 2039”.
johnny cash’s cover of “i won’t back down”.

and because everyone needs a little oreo sometimes:


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