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Totally awesome

This, this (and by extension, this), this (one of the many things I miss about the Boot), and — just nine minutes ago — this:

Totally NOT awesome: this. (Fucking terrible, in fact.)

So awesome you don’t even know: Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. (In fact, why didn’t I know sooner?) For anyone who likes stories (telling them, reading them), writing, art, semiotics, communication theory, and, oh yeah, comic books.

Thankful for

15 East’s uni.

Deviled eggs.

Zabb’s fish with lime.

What is it about deviled eggs and meatloaf that fascinates me so? Must be because I never had either of them until I was well away from home and probably out of college too. These foods carry with them all the cultural trappings and meaning of whole decades that I wasn’t yet alive to experience, which somehow makes them as exciting to eat as my mom’s dumplings (which is pretty damn exciting). Know what I mean?

Department of WTF: this insanity. (Or should it be the Department of Misspent Tax Dollars? You decide.) (Thanks, Joyce.)

More than organic

I’m not really a fan of Organic as a panacea for our eating ills, and the complexities of agriculture and our food system are grossly oversimplified and generally not served well by the co-opted use of the term, but this post is pretty interesting. I’m baffled by #4, but Wikipedia says ketchup’s got about 6.5 times the amount of lycopene per gram that a straight-up tomato does, so I can go along with that (since Wikipedia is a reliable source for facts and everything).

Tangentially: Maybe it’s because I’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated by my work and the food-activist circles I’m surrounded by, but I get sort of anxious if I have to resort to buying from the supermarket. I feel guilty. But if I’m stuck shopping at Whole Foods or Key Food, I’ll more likely than not choose an organic product over a conventional product. To me, it makes sense to put my money where my mouth is (and while it tends to be wrapped around a morsel of pork, I also speak often of local, seasonal, family farms, etc.). I can spare the extra dollar or whatever to at least support the idea of and an industry geared toward a more responsibly produced food. But only when it comes to the processed stuff, and none of that is usually local, seasonal, etc. I buy produce from near by (except for lemons, limes, and the occasional banana), even if it’s not organic. This is my way of voting with my dollar, I guess, though I’m ambivalent about whether it means or does anything ultimately. On the other hand, because organic labeling is so fuzzy (and nearly meaningless) in this country, I go out of my way to shop at the Greenmarket or to pick up a share from my CSA. I would guess that I get 80-90% of my food that way. And many of those guys aren’t certified organic (because their methods already go beyond organic standards, because certification is expensive, because they don’t think it means anything either).

I’ve beaten this dead horse before, and you know this dead horse if we’ve ever talked about buying food or this country’s fucked-up food system, but I felt like it had to be put out there again since people still ask me, “Slow Food? That means you eat organic, right?”

No, not really.

Red: 0, Gray: 10,000,000

One of my favorite NYT Sunday magazine stories in recent memory. Perhaps ever.
The Squirrel Wars

Latest cull from the Internets

- DFW, the Deciderer, and theTobias Frere-Jones-led typography tour of lower Manhattan (both via kottke).

- Gothamist interviews Adrian Tomine, one of my favorite comic book artists.

- Francis gives us the lowdown on flaming coochie.

Gopnik eats local

You go local in Berkeley, you’re gonna eat. I had been curious to see what might happen if you tried to squeeze food out of what looked mostly like bricks and steel girders and shoes in trees.

AG goes on to name-drop all the major local players. And I mean local. Dude, I want my own chicken.

Read it here.

Whole Paycheck no more

Okay, that’s it. I’m officially boycotting Whole Foods. Project Goldmine?!

[Posting on Kenya later today. Promise.]

Jello Peril

Jeff Yang offers up a really compelling piece on how racism figures in this whole Chinese food scandal thing.

TONY reviewer totally misses the boat

And laughably so. Um, WHAT?

[I have to say, “Ratatouille” might actually have [very slightly] altered my opinion of rats. I actually watched one on the platform at the 23rd st. F stop for about five minutes as it washed its face, hamster-style (do all rodents do this?), and then scurried past me. And without even a pang of revulsion! But maybe that’s because it was probably a large mouse (I’m pretty sure that was a furry grey tail and not a scary naked pink one I saw) (though have you ever seen mice in the subway?). Also maybe the one lone rodent pales in comparison to the veritable Nimh I walk past every other day on my way to the Atlantic Terminal subway (why do those rats have to run in large groups right under my feet and make all kinds of scary noises in the trash bags?).]

This reviewer is a moron. The comments under the review are awesome.

[Thanks for alerting me to this, Isaac.]

I want Matt Gross’s job.

Man, someday, someone is going to pay me to go on and write about an around-the-world trip and a road trip across the US. Does Matt Gross have the bestest job EVER? Survey says yes.

Also: it’s about fucking time.

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