Date night (and day and afternoon and morning and any time)

Every time I’m in San Francisco, I make a point of stopping by the Ferry Building farmers’ market, and I usually end up bringing something back. But this was the first time that, months after a visit, I actually requested that Joyce pick something up for me and mail it. (Thanks, Joyce!)

These are the best damn dates. And apparently they do mail order! So I can release the date-mule from her duties. Now I just have to figure out how to get dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes back east without having them squish all over my luggage. Like last time.

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Gimpy McGimperson is out of commission, so I'm on protein duty. Upping my searing game. Alex got shoulder surgery, and his office sent us steaks from Eataly. Seems like an okay trade. I love coming home to good mail.

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