Fried hijiki with pork


This turned out really well. Soaked in water until it ballooned to about 10 times its dried size, then sauteed with pork in a nice sauce that was on the package of hijiki: dashi, mirin, soy sauce, and sugar.

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Eating in tonight. The savory pie is called impanata, and the one stuffed with salsiccia and potato was so, so good. Young dudes at the market in Siracusa shell sea urchin to order in to-go cups. If the old fishmongers at adjacent stalls notice you shooting the  shellfish, they'll strongly urge you to go get some bread to eat them with -- because it's better that way, they say, and because eating them straight is hard on the stomach. (I'm skeptical about the latter, but they were good with bread.)

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